Will my ring Tarnish? — only if you don’t care for it

Any sterling silver can tarnish over time when it interacts with water or moisture that's in the air.
Fortunately, there are several things you can do to limit the amount of tarnishing that will take place when you wear sterling silver jewelry like your MYFAITHRING.
1. STORE YOUR MYFAITHRING in a cool and dark part of your home when you aren't wearing it.
2. KEEP IT AWAY FROM MOISTURE when possible. Water will cause it to tarnish faster, so avoid moisture when possible and wipe it off immediately if it does come in contact with water.
3. WIPE IT OFF AFTER WEARING IT. Just use a dry soft cloth and wipe it down.
  1. Fill up a cup with hot water and some drops of a gentle washing soap
  2. Place your MYFAITHRING into the cup and gently wash it to get rid of tarnish
  3. Use a baby toothbrush to scrub away any tarnish that you simply cannot take away by hand
  4. Remove your MYFAITHRING from the cup, wipe it down, and permit it to air dry
5. WEAR IT REGULARLY - Taking out your MYFAITHRING and wearing it all of the time is the most effective approach to maintain it looking its best. It should always appear new and last forever as long as you clean it when you're done wearing it.